Gallery: Students - Sparring

All photos courtesy of Ms. Mock-Murphy, V Dan

Ms. Chavez kicks Ms. Benjamin during Free Sparring training with Mrs. Pabst, IV Dan, Center Refereeing (right)

Ms. Hettinger throws a high Side Peircing Kick to Mr. Reyes (top left),
Mr. Ramos executes a Upward Kick to Mr. Ayeboua. (top right)

Ms. Reyes throws a reverse Front Punch (bottom left),
Mr. Crackel helps Mr. Pabst in Step Sparring. (bottom right)

Ms. Xiong and Ms. Miller working on 2-Step Sparring (top left),
Grand Master Winegar works with Mr. Ramos in Free Sparring (top right),
and Master Winegar throws Side Piercing Kick during Free Sparring. (bottom)

Mr. Crackel Free Sparring with Mr. Ayeboua. (top left & top right)

Mr. Chavez throws a Front Snap Kick during Free Sparring (bottom left),
and Ms. Michael getting ready to attack! (bottom right)

Mr. Crackel instructs kicking technique to Mr. Taub and Mr. Luton (left),
Grand Master Winegar sparring with Mr. Reyes (above),
Mr. Pabst does a Front Snap Kick to Mr. Luton
(bottom left),
and Ms. Giles spars with a Yellow Belt. (below)

Ms. Ramos blocks a Side Piercing Kick
from Mr. Ramirez. (right)

Mr. Crackel sparring with Ms. Hettinger (top left & top right)

Grand Master Winegar scores on Ms. Hettinger (bottom left),
Grand Master Winegar observes Ms. Reyes and Mr. Ramirez sparring. (bottom right)