Gallery: Students - Line Drills

All photos courtesy of Ms. Mock-Murphy, V Dan

Mr. Ayeboua doing a Vertical Kick (bottom) &
Mr. Ramirez doing a Turning Kick (right) with
focus pads

Master Winegar, VII Dan, teaching Mr. Ayeboua (left),
Ms. Reyes performing Vertical Kick (top), and White Belt students doing Front Snap Kick on focus pads (bottom)

Yellow and Green Belts performing Obverse Front
Punch (top) & Grand Master Winegar teaching
Mr. Taub (right)

Ms. Xiong, performing Circular Block (above), Ms. Hettinger corrects Ms. Michael's Rising Block (below left), and Mr. Reyes works with Ms. Miller on pattern Won-Hyo. (below right)

Grand Master Winegar works on kicking drills! (right)

Ms. Hettinger correcting Mr. Hawkins on kicking form (top left), Mr. Crackel, VI Dan, correcting Mr. Taub (top right), and Greeley TKD Yellow Belts getting ready to start Line Drill practice! (bottom)