Instructor Biography: Ms. Liz Mock-Murphy

Liz Mock-Murphy, V Dan

I began practicing Taekwon-Do in 1995 as a fledgling White Belt with Grand Master Winegar, who was a 6th Degree at the time!

I have been teaching TKD under his tutelage since I became a 1st Degree Black Belt in 1997. Since then, I have earned the rank of 5th degree, became a class B International Instructor and a class A Referee.

Professionally, I have been teaching Middle School and High School Science since 1992, with a 5-year stint as a stay-at-home mom in the middle! I currently teach AP Enviromental Science, Geology and Earth Science at Greeley Central High School.

I received my BA from St. Olaf College in 1988 and my MS in Exercise Physiology from UNC in 2007.